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Co-creating a vision in the open with 5000+ people - Agila Sverige

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This year Agila Sverige made a change and included talks in both Swedish and English. I pitched an idea for a talk on how we had worked in Red Hat to create a vision for continuous improvement using the Open Decision Framework.

Co-creating a vision in the open with 5000+ people

Agile transformation is hard. Any change or transformation is hard! How do we spark engagement in a 5000+ people organization?

Culture is not built, it emerges. How can we support an environment where people have the capability of emerging a culture of continuous improvement? How do we prepare our vision to something that everyone adheres to?

Being an open company, we set out to co-create our vision statement using the Open Decision Framework. I will share our story on how we collaborated to create a vision statement and the first three pillars to prepare us for the coming change journey and set us up for success.

A screenshot from the recorded talk on YouTube showing me mid-sentence.
Mid-sentence in my talk

Jimmy Sjölund
Jimmy Sjölund
Jimmy Sjölund is an organisational transformation expert with extensive experience sparking change at large, multinational companies. As Principal Agile Practitioner at Red Hat, he’s focused on creating organisational improvements and improving team excellence through agile and lean workflows. He’s published articles and book chapters on topics like work visualization techniques, asynchronous collaboration, and leading through open principles and behaviors. Jimmy is a seasoned public speaker at several conferences, including Agila Sverige, ScanAgile, All Things Open, and more. He serves as an Ambassador for the Open Organization project and community.